Leaf Company in Chesterfield VA


Our team Leaf It To Me has been providing professional leaf removal services for fifteen years in the Chesterfield, Virginia market. In October of 2015 Leaf It to Me joined the Leaf Authority. This merger immediately enhanced the level of customer service and service delivery. The responsivity of communication to customers was noticed instantly and also increased the capacity of serviced delivery has more than doubled. Our team not only cares about the quality of leaf removal services offered we also genuinely care about the customers we serve. The relationships established over the past fifteen years are deeply rooted and built on time tested business principles such as honesty, respect and a desire to serve our customers. Not only do we care about our customers, we also genuinely care about our dynamic staff who provide phenomenal service and customer service within our organization.

Leaf Authority of Chesterfield VA is your go to resource for leaf removal, leaf collection and gutter cleaning. We service the Chesterfield Metro area and love keeping your yard clean. From full service leaf removal for the individual that does not have the time to handle it, to leaf collection where you bring it to the curb and we come vacuum it up.

Gutter cleaning is also available from the Leaf Authority. We want to rid your yard of all the leaves, including the ones clogging your gutters. It is important to get these clean so that rain and snow does not overflow, which can cause damage to your roof.

Leaf Authority of Chesterfield is very active in our community and loves serving it. We do our very best to stay competitive in our market place, while providing the very best experience possible.

If your yard is full of leaves and it is time, give us a call for an over the phone quote. We will be happy to service your residence.

*Ask us about Multi-Lot Clean Up Discounts