Leaf Collection Service Chesterfield VA

Leaf Authority of Chesterfield VA provides leaf collection service to the Chesterfield metro area. Leaf Authority provides pickup and disposal of your leaves collected. Leaf Authority will schedule a time with you to come pick up your leaves, and then dispatch our leaf truck to come vacuum up the leaves you have placed at the curb of your home.

We also provide full service leaf removal for the individuals that want to skip the grunt work. Who wants to bag leaves? It is time consuming and back breaking work especially when you have a significantly sized yard. Let us save you some of the hassle. You get them to the curb and we will come pick them up.

We service the Chesterfield and Midlothian area. Give us a call today to schedule your pickup.

Curbside Leaf Removal

You rake your leaves up into a big piles by the curb and we come along with one of the world’s largest vacuum
truck and suck them right up. This plan is most suited for properties where the owner maintains their lawn but
require the leaves to picked up from the curb.

Debris Removal

For consumers who require assistance with removal of light debris and yard waste from their property. We offer debris removal and disposal services.