Single Lot Leaf Cleanup

Leaf cleanup for single residential and commercial lots is available from the Leaf Authority. Most of our single lot clients are individuals that choose to rake their lots themselves but then do not have a way of disposing them. This falls under our leaf collection service. You would rake your leaves to the curb, call us and schedule a time for us to come out in order to vacuum them up for you.

There are clients that choose to have us do all of the cleanup for the residence including the gutters. It is all in what the client needs, and we will do our very best to exceed their expectations while providing a great price. We can handle the whole process so that you do not need to. If you would like a quote on the removal of your leaves, give us a call so that we can come up with the right type of service for you.

*Do your neighbors need help too? Ask us about our multi-lot discounts